What Are Good Boots for Hiking

This article gives you all the information about the best hiking boots test and answers the most common questions about choosing hiking boots.

Regardless of whether a week-long mountain hike or a day trip in the immediate area is planned, it is important to provide yourself with proper equipment.

The experienced hiker or enthusiastic beginner – here is the list of the season’s best-hiking boots and which ones are right for you!

Meindl Performance

The classic Meindl Performance is a durable boot with a high shaft. The boot is made of water-repellent leather and Gore-Tex®, where the leather is cut in a single piece, which has resulted in very good wear resistance.

The foot is held firmly in place by the torsionally rigid construction, and the rolled sole provides a good grip and good comfort even in the more challenging wilderness.

The removable Air-Active® Soft Print Drysole insole is padded for increased comfort and also provides good moisture transport. Meindl Performance is a common model among hunters and police, which is an indication of the boot’s quality and durability.

The boot comes as a unisex model and is designed to handle more difficult terrain with heavier packing. In other words, a perfect choice for a fishing or hunting trip.

Haglofs Skuta Mid Proof Eco

Haglofs Skuta Mid Proof Eco, made of environmentally friendly leather, is an affordable and durable boot that will faithfully carry you through the muddy swamp and over the rockiest mountains.

It is slightly wider to increase comfort, and the medium-high shaft gives you good stability while you can move flexibly. A shaped EVA midsole and GEL ™ shock absorption in the back of the boot contribute with good shock absorption, comfort, and resilience.

The boot is waterproof thanks to the PROOF ™ ECO membrane, which like the rest of the boot, is fluorocarbon-free. The fixed tongue prevents pebbles, sand, and water from penetrating the boot.

Furthermore, the shoe’s toe is reinforced with suede to increase stability and protection, and through a well-thought-out pattern on the underside of the sole, you always have a good grip.

Lundhags Forest II

The minimalist Forest II from Lundhags is a classic boot with a high shaft made of full-grain leather. It is perfect for hiking and other activities in varied and challenging terrain.

The boot is made according to the shell principle, a protective shell layer adapted internally to the foot depending on temperature and activity.

Compared with a more demanding boot, the Forest II is both more flexible and lighter and has increased breathability. A boot made according to the 1-layer principle is also easier to repair if it breaks.

Forest II has been equipped with a cellular rubber bottom that makes the shoe waterproof and insulated. Thanks to an updated Heel Fit Control, you get a good heel grip on slippery surfaces.

The boot comes in a unisex model, where sizes 36-48 are more feminine. This model suits you with higher ankles, as the last offers a little extra volume.

Alfa Men’s Twig Advance GTX

Men’s Kvist Advance GTX from Norwegian Alfa is a light hiking boot with a good fit. It is externally made of Ripstop textile with a GORE-TEX membrane, making the boot water-resistant and creating good breathability.

The woven reinforcement mesh stops small tears from becoming more extensive. It gives you good comfort when you are out on adventures as a hiker! The shoe is covered by a rubber reinforcement, which makes the boot durable and versatile.

Thanks to the double hooks in the lacing system, you can easily adapt the shoe’s fit to your foot and the activity you are to perform. The Vibram® Grip A/P/S outsole ensures optimal grip on all types of surfaces, wet and dry.

This model is suitable for you who are going on shorter trips and is especially adapted for moderate to warm temperatures.

Meindl Dovre Men’s Extreme Gore-Tex

The best-selling Dovre Extreme Gore-Tex from Meindl is a stable hiking boot with a high shaft. It is made of the highest quality grain leather and is specially adapted for hunting trips.

The shoe has Meindl’s own Air-Active system with GORE-TEX®, which creates good ventilation and a dry climate inside the shoe. Meindl’s famous “roller sole” contributes to comfortable relief and resilient gait.

With the help of the Memory Foam System function, the inner lining of the heel section is adapted to the body heat and creates an individually adapted fit. The MFS® function combined with the Digafix lacing system contributes to good stability and keeps the heel in place.

Dovre Extreme is an upgrade of the popular model Dovre PRO, where the focus has been on creating a harder, more torsionally rigid sole and a wider last.

The wider last makes the boot maximally waterproof, and together with the strong galoshes, good protection is given even in the rockiest wilderness. The boot is suitable for you who like to go on longer trips in challenging terrain and with heavy packing.

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