Unique Islands Belitung Tourist Spots

Belitung is an area that has hundreds of islands with exotic scenery. There are at least three Belitung tourist spots you should visit, namely Lutong Island, Pasir Island, and Lengkuas Island. Lutong Island is an island formed from two islands into an island one and a half times a football field.

Lutong Island has its own uniqueness: the beautiful view of the sand peninsula at the end of the island and the granite rocks surrounding the stretch of beach.

One of the granite stones found on Lutong Island is shaped like a monkey’s head, or in the Belitung area, it is called “Lutong,” so this island is called Lutong Island.

Unique Islands Belitung Tourist Spots

The next destination is Sand Island. Sand Island is an island in Belitung whose appearance is a stroke of luck. This island will only be seen and enjoyed when the seawater recovers. This island will appear as a stretch of white sand with fine grains.

To be able to enjoy the beauty of this Sand Island, you have to come at the right time where the weather is not raining or where the water is high tide.

For those of you who are lucky to be able to see this Sand Island, taking pictures is the right way to capture your moment before enjoying the beauty of this Belitung tourist spot by playing with water and playing with sand.

The last destination is Galangal Island. Lengkuas Island is one of Belitung’s tourist spots with its own uniqueness. Besides being presented with views of granite rocks that surround the island and aquatic animals such as green turtles and adorable sea stars, visitors can also do snorkeling and diving in the best spots on this island.

One characteristic that makes Lengkuas Island one of the prima donnas of Belitung Island is the 50-meter-high lighthouse building which was founded in 1882 by the Dutch Government and still functions as a ship traffic indicator.

You will be presented with a beautiful view from the top of the lighthouse, namely the ships anchored and the expanse of blue sea that will surely amaze you.

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